Adoption Process

Please fill out the online  Application to start the adoption process.  Hitting the submit button will automatically e-mail us your application.  Please allow at least a few days for us to contact you. 

Home Visit  
Recycled Canines doesn't want to judge how clean your house is, or how much money you have. We just want to make sure that you've got the space for a dog as well as a securely fenced yard.  This also gives us a chance to point out things you may want to be cautious about with a new family member.

Vet Check / Personal Reference
This is used to verify that any current or past animals are/were properly cared for, including yearly vaccinations and heartworm preventative.
If you don't have any other animals, please provide a personal reference - prefereably someone who already owns a dog.     

Adoption Contract 
The adoption contract is used to make the adoption process final.
Before adopting, please review our contract to make sure you agree with our policies.    

Adoption Donation  
Please remember, you are not paying for the dog.  You are helping to offset some of the costs associated with spaying and neutering; heartworm testing and preventative; basic vaccines and parasite control; and shelter fees where applicable.  Also, there are many dogs that come to us with problems that have expensive veterinary bills, i.e. heartworm treatment, broken legs, mange.  After adoption we are always available to assist and advise our adoptive families in every way we can.  If for any reason an adoption does not work out, we want the animal back.  The  adoption donation is $150 for dog and puppy mixes, $200 for purebreds, and $250 for puppies of course anything more is always welcome!
We are not looking to "get rid" of our dogs.  We are looking for the BEST possible home for each and every one of them.  Therefore,  we do reserve the right to refuse to adopt a dog to any family for any reason.

If you wonder why our adoption process is so lengthy and cumbersome, just look at how Martie was when she came into the rescue-Emaciated, pregnant, heartworm positive, and full of intestinal worms.  Or how about Lucky Seven, she was so small you could wrap your hands around her waist.  At one time, the owners of these dogs convinced someone that they would provide a wonderful, loving home.
Martie before

Lucky Seven before

Martie After!