Found a Dalmatian?

Please contact your local animal control to report the found Dalmatian.  You should also take the dog to a local vet to have it scanned for a microchip.  Please put up found signs in the neighborhood so that the owner has a chance to find the dog. 
RCDR cannot take in stray dogs. 
For liability reasons, all dogs coming into RCDR must be signed over to RCDR by an owner or come through a shelter. 

Need to Rehome your Dalmatian?

RCDR will always take back any dog that we adopted out and this is also stated on the adoption contract.  If possible, we will ask you to hold the dog until a foster space is open.
For other Dalmatians, please realize that we are always full with Dalmatians from shelters.  On a rare occasion we can take in an owner surrendered Dalmatian.  It would be best for you to try and rehome the dog yourself.  Place ads in the local papers, Craigslist, etc and DO NOT give the dog away for free, at least ask for a small adoption fee. 

Please fill out the owner surrender form below and send via email to RCDR.