Your rescued Pug will need to be crated when you are away from home.  This is for his own safety and to allow him time to be secure and comfortable in his surroundings.  This will also help with housebreaking.  Even though a dog is housebroken in his foster home, the training has to continue when he is moved to a new environment.  The plastic crates cost about $40.00 depending on the quality. 

Pugs are SUPER sensitive to heat, cold, and humidity so they can not be left outside alone for any period of time - they could die!  Pugs are also a breed that are often stolen.  So never leave your Pug unattended outside.

All dogs need heartworm prevention given monthly.  Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes and they need the heartworm prevention even if they are indoor dogs.  This is VERY important and you can't even miss one dose.  Six months of Heartgard heartworm prevention costs about $33.00 for a Pug.

A lot of pugs are prone to eye problems.  Dry eye is common and needs daily drops to control.  The medicine is called Cyclosporin and costs about $40.00 per month.  There are some alternatives, but I would suggest you talk to a vet about them.  Their eyes are also prone to scratches.  You will want to be extra careful about a Pug being around cats because a cat can cause a Pug to lose an eye very easily.

Pugs also need a premium dog food because they are prone to food or skin allergies. The cost of a premium food is about $20.00 per month.  

Pugs have a short muzzle which contributes to chronic breathing problems and they will snort and snore.  

The wrinkle above their nose needs cleaned often and they also need their nails trimmed weekly.

Pugs shed - A LOT!  Be prepared to sweep or vacuum often and to have hair all over your clothes.  

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